To get a peace of mind, we were looking for a local Vastu Shastra expert for designing our new house. Sharad has provided excellent customer service with his untiring help with multiple alterations to achieve right balance among Architect, council approvals and his expertise in Vastu Shastra. We are very happy with his services and no hesitation in recommending. PAK (ACT)
Sharad has provided excellent customer service with convincing scientific explanations of Vastu Shastra. He achieved the right balance among our dream, the council’s hurdles and architectural limitations. Sharad has responded in a timely manner and always considered our suggestions providing acceptable alternatives. We are happy to recommend his service.
MG (Parramatta)
I was suffering through a long legal battle with my ex-partner and it was impacting all aspects of my life including professional performance.  After installing the vastu-shastra remedies, I have started experiencing many positive changes including settlement of the legal matters. I am amazed by the results getting with my written wishlists  I have absolutely  no hesitation in recommending the services of  Vastu Raviraj Australia.
— Mr. D. (Sydney)
For a long time, we were trying out different business options without much success. In spite of all willingness, investment, and hard work, success was not in the sights. After Vastu analysis and Indian Fengshui remedial service, suddenly all blocked opportunities opened up and the business is growing very well. We are enjoying and happily working hard for further growth.  We strongly recommend to try out Vasturaviraj for your problems.
– SK (Sydney)
After failing all other attempts to restore the marriage relationship, as the last try, I approached Vasturaviraj Australia for Indian Fengshui remedies and unbelievably we are not only staying together again but back into our previous enjoyable relationship.  It also helped to materialize my 3 years old “dragged on” promotion dilemma. I will strongly recommend anyone to try out Vastushastra – Indian Fengshui as the most likely solution.
— PK (Sydney)
With huge excitement, we were trying to settle in our new house. However, my work pressure was not allowing me to enjoy and sleepless nights were on the rise. At no time, we could link the master bedroom position to my work pressure. The change and impact were unbelievable after vastu remedial solution, and we moving to Guest Bedroom. The power of ancient science in the 21st century that too in the Western world like Australia was very convincing. Dr. Raviraj is the man to provide solutions.
— SP (Sydney)
We very happily invested in a piece of land, looking at the slope and the view, hoping for appreciation. We couldn’t correlate the husband-wife clashes and tensions to that piece of land. Vasturaviraj Australia visited our both premises, provided remedies, which helped to sell the investment without any losses. These remedies created a good flow of positive energies and happiness in the house. We strongly recommend considering Vasturaviraj for your problems.
— NT (Sydney)