Vastu Shastra For Residential House

Happy, healthy and wealthy living in your own house

Feng Shui for Money & Success,Feng Shui for Wealth & Success

Indian Fengshui for Residential House

We invest hundreds & thousands of dollars in our houses, but does it make you healthy, wealthy & happy? Ten thousand years old science of building Indian Fengshui can be applied to today’s 21st living.

10,000+ years old science of Vastu (building) Indian Fengshui helps to bring happiness to brick & mortars. By analyzing the layout of your house/ business, we can calculate the flow of positive & negative energies and its impact on your life.

Without moving a single brick of your property, we can improve the flow of positive energy to 95%, with help of crystals, pyramids, copper plates & yantras, which can bring health, wealth and happiness. Vasturaviraj provides result oriented solutions in Feng Shui for wealth and success. Our case studies prove how to improve Feng Shui for Money and Success to many residential houses and premises in Australia.